Class Fees


  • Includes all available child classes
  • Includes teen classes for 13+


3 or more
  • Includes all classes for a family of 3 or more

Mat Fee

infrequent members
  • Mat fee is for previous members of PJA that don’t get to come in as often for various life reasons.

Black Belt Classes

black belts only
  • Class is for non-PJA black belts that are members of the AJJF


Rank fees: Kyu ranks, $5 for the belt, no testing fees, dojo BlackBelt is $100 per rank

Dojo members are required to join the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation

  • Adult AJJF fees are $60 each for the year
  • Children AJJF fees are $30 each for the year

Uniforms are available on site