Renshi John Penn

Reshi John Penn, began training in the martial arts in 1987 as a college student attending the University
of Toledo. His dedication to training and consistent effort earned him a fifth degree black belt in Okinawan Shuri Ryu Karate-Do and a fifth degree black belt in Shinto Yoshin Jiu Jitsu. He is currently pursuing degrees as well as teaching certificates in two other arts.

In the arts, John served on advisory boards as well as
receiving many accolades and awards for his continuous efforts in spreading his arts and in recognition for his hard work, he has also been awarded the title of Renshi.

Renshi Penn started teaching both Karate and Jiu Jitsu at the YMCA Fort Meigs Center for Health Promotion in 1994 and
is currently the owner and Chief Instructor of Satori Martial Arts Center of Maumee, a full time martial arts
training facility located in Maumee, Ohio. Satori Martial Arts Center of Maumee is an affiliate
school of Satori International under Pete Pukish.

In addition to teaching and attending martial art seminars across the country, Renshi Penn is
involved in the study and practice of P.A.R.T. of DZR Restorative Therapy Program and runs a clinic at a yoga studio for continuing education and promotion of this art.


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