Sensei Filiberto Gutierrez

Godan – 5th degree Black Belt

Sensei Filiberto Gutierrez,

  • Began training in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu with Professor Pat Browne in Chicago Il.
  • Currently has 17 years of training in DZR
  • Has the largest dojo in the AJJF
  • Has attended and promoted regional and national events
  • Strong supporter of the AJJF
  • Became Sensei, Suburban Kodenkai Dojo (as a brown belt) from February 1999 to November 2001. Why as a Brown belt, there was no one else willing to do it after his sensei passed. He started it in a garage because he could not afford the space of his teacher.
  • Became Professor Ancho’s student in 2001
  • Opened Urban Kodenkai in November 2001 until January 2009
  • Opened DanZan Ryu Chicago January 2009 to present
  • Studied OORM with Keith Okazaki in 2012
  • Has produced 12 Black Belts to date with more coming soon and assisted in the training of others
  • Graduate of modules 1 & 2 of DZRSI
  • Full Instructor of AJJF DZRSI Modules 1 & 2
  • Sensei Gutierrez has been consistently involved with the AJJF. Beginning in November 1995. He has attended over 80 AJJF sanctioned events, to include special classes, seminars, regional and national events.
  • He has attended 22 sanctioned AJJF clinics
  • He has been involved in 10 AJJF Kata Contests as competitor, organizer and as a host
  • He has attended 4 AJJF National Conventions
  • He has been the recipient of the AJJF Okazaki Healing Arts Award.
  • He is a member of the AJJF Judo Committee
  • He is very active in the business community and does multiple events around Chicago during each year
  • He has been involved in over 12 Black Belt Examination events ( Caller, Examination Board, Uke )

Not only does Filiberto have the largest dojo in AJJF, it’s a full time dojo with over 165 registered AJJF registrants. When he’s not teaching DZR he is helping others. Filiberto averages 30 Massage treatments a week. He is an amazing teacher, healer, practioner, and student of DZR.




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