Palmetto Jujitsu Academy & Healing Arts Center

Established January 12, 1995

2016 International Palmetto Fall Clinic

Our theme this year is

“Nau wale no” – Just for you

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Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Since the fundamental principle acquired through the practice of Jujitsu has been elevated to a finer moral concept called Judo, “The Way of Gentleness,” it may well be said that the primary objective of practicing Judo is perfection of character.

Palmetto Jujitsu Academy is a member of American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, USA Judo and American Traditional Jujutsu Association.




We teach Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Professor Ryan is a 7th Dan and holds the title of Professor with the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation



We teach Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Judo. Our curriculum is based on the boards of Master H. S. Okazaki.

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Kanji