2017 Palmetto Jujitsu Fall Clinic Registration

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This year our theme is Bushido (武士道, “the way (or the moral) of the warrior”, which is a Japanese term describing a codified samurai way of life.

We will have over 20 National and International Instructors this year from a variety of styles. Our hope is that all represented will find a relationship between what each of us does. This may give each of us a different perspective on how and what to bring back into our art form we each study.

At our clinic this year we will have 4 mat areas, an outside training area, and 2 healing art class rooms. Massage treatments will be available on site for $80 a session

We will have possibly 10 American Judo and Jujitsu Federation Professors at this years event:

  • Professor John Congistre
  • Professor Don Cross (hopeful)
  • Professor Geoff Lane (hopeful)
  • Professor Dennis Estes (hopeful)
  • Professor Tom Hill
  • Professor Robert Hodgkin (hopeful)
  • Professor Tom Ryan
  • Professor Kevin Colton
  • Professor Marty Brzykcy
  • Professor Troy Shehorn (hopeful)

In addition, Guro Abundio Baet, Kumu Michelle Manu, Joshua White Sensei, Tony Zimkowski Sensei, Tom Reiff Sensei, Shihan Gary Shull, Richard Cooper Sensei, Aaron Blackwell Sensei, Guro Rick White, Doug Musser Sensei, Chuck Harris Sensei, Renshi John Penn, Michael Burkett Sensei, Michael Wheeler Sensei, Filiberto Gutierrez Sensei, Chuck Segard Sensei and more!

A special guest by the name of Master Tony Morris will be coming as well. He believes “Life is an amazing adventure – and we have never ‘arrived.’ Every day is a new beginning!” I could not agree more. He will be teaching a special class for all. He is a very successful businessman.

We will also be having Black Belt examinations and lots of great classes. Kumu Michelle Manu will be teaching a women’s self defense program in the evenings, this you don’t wanna miss!